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Multi-color Landscapes

A journey to the greatness of nature

A place that is mythical and historic, Thessaly with its varied natural landscape and rich mythological, historical and folklore traditions, has always had a very important role in Greek history. Mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, seas, gulfs, islands, and rare ecosystems. Myths, legends, history, archeology, and cultural tradition. From the peak of Mytika (2,918 meters) to the Mountain of Olympus of the Titans, the tallest mountain in Greece and the first National Park, with its daunting ridges, the verdant gorge of Enipeas, with its countless waterfalls, the approximately 1700 different species of flora and the rare bird species, to the grand mountain ranges of Agrafa, with its profound mythological elements, and with the magical Lake Plastiras, a human creation that competes in charm with the most astounding monuments of nature – the “Thessalian land” thrills.

From the endless lowlands of Larissa and Trikala, the colorful plain of Thessaly, the blessed and fertile carpet of the Goddess Demeter, which makes every season look like a child’s painting, to the much-praised Pineios, the largest river in Greece with the lush-green, paradisiacal valley of Tempe, the “Thessalian land” pulls one in with its delights. And, a little further along, within the “Thessalian land” is magical Pelion, with its verdant routes, the dozens of villages built in the typical Pelion architectural style, the emerald beaches of the Aegean, and the picturesque fishing villages of the Pagasetic Gulf. Nearby, also you may find the historic islands of the Sporades, Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, “the floating forests of the Aegean”, with the sapphirine beaches “lost” within the lush vegetation. “Thessalian land” of history and colors. A mosaic of landscapes unfolds constantly in front of your eyes, like a scene from a film that you never want to end…


Typically Greek and yet so different…

The secret places and hidden spots of Terra Thessaly

All Greece in one Destination

Few words about Amazing Thessaly

This part of Greece combines every nature landscapes and every aspect of this country. This is unbelievable but it's true. All Greece in Thessaly, the impressive place with mountains, beaches, plains, rich nature and great hospitality. Live the best travel experience here, in Terra Thessaly.