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February 13, 2017
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February 12, 2017

Thessaly, an endless canvas

The great painter Paul Gauguin admits that the art of painting is the finest of all.

“All senses are summarized in painting. In painting anyone, by using his imagination, can write a novel and with only a look..”

If the art of painting went on holidays, where would it choose to go? Of course in Greece. And because all Greece is found in Thessaly, the possibilities and the thematic challenges are plenty in the land of Olympus. We aim to challenge visitors’ senses, experienced or not in painting, by choosing the two finest destinations in order to express their feelings through their canvas.
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If we choose to stay in a traditional village in the inland, we will get inspired by the unique architectural monuments, fountains, stone paths and traditional houses. The history of Pelion along with the mythology, Jason and the Argonautic expedition can also inspire the visitor to imprint all this knowledge to the canvas and give life to his piece of art.
The Pelion peninsula is a treasure of legends, history, tradition and culture, an ideal destination to combine holidays with the passion to create art through painting. Our themes differ according the images and landscapes around us, every destination and a new inspiration, every inspiration and a new emotion, every emotion and a new image and our canvas filled with colorful touches.

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