Plastira Lake
December 19, 2016
Meteora The Stone Forest
December 19, 2016

Tall peaks, gorges, streams, springs with crystal-clear waters, vegetation and sounds, all weave together the harmony and grandeur of the Gods’ mountain.

Mount Olympus in spring...
The sun now reigns. Emerging from the large bridge of Larissa, under which the stream of the Pineios sluggishly runs, I go outside the city to see Olympus, in the majesty of dusk. Its peaks are often covered by the clouds, but today the sky is completely clear and one can see all its powerful mass, which stands Titanically in the blue ethers. I sit and watch it for a long while. As with Mt Sinai, it preserves the reflection of the divine. From its peaks the most beautiful legends rolled out all over Greece, and there where its
Mountain valley landscape
Mount Olympus landscape
large crack ends, formed by the waters of Enipeas, was the city of Dion, the ark of the oldest myths. On this mountain, the Greek spirit worshipped its ideal. Even today, when the Gods have abandoned it and the only thing still to be found on its inaccessible peaks are the eternal snows, it remains what it was in antiquity: a “divine mountain”. It takes man’s soul along with it as it rises to the heavens…

Kostas Ouranis, Poet - Journeys in Greece

Mount Olympus is Greece's highest mountain and the home to the Gods of Greek mythology and a paradise for climbers, hikers and lovers of nature.

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