Ulyana Agalakova : “This place is like a restart for my brain, clearing the mind and aiding in new projects.”

Karaiskou Eleni : When I first started the tourist business, my aim was to convey my long experience to the visitors and offer them the authentic flavors”
February 13, 2018

Ulyana Agalakova : “This place is like a restart for my brain, clearing the mind and aiding in new projects.”

This place is like a restart for my brain, clearing the mind and aiding in new projects.

I came to Pelion for the first time in 2012. Before that I have had a few tours in another part of Greece. A girl called me on the phone one day and proposed to make a yoga-tour to Thessaly, Pelion. Normally I do not go for such offers from unknown people but that time my inner voice whispered “I like it!”.

That very tour was very special for me. The beauties of Pelion captured my heart and the wonderfull family at whose hotel we stayed became my closest friends.

Here I met my future husband. My life started changing and intentions coming to life. All the people who visited Pelion admit their life changed in a while – some found their love, some had children, and had their dreams come.

It’s a wonderful and one of the most beautiful places in Greece. From the first sight I fell in love with the atmosphere of this north-eastern part of Greece.

Pelion is a mount in Thessaly (regoin of Greece).

This place is not very popular with the tourists and it is very calm and peacefull. The Greek people are very hospitable. From the very first day they greet you and wish you well in their native Greek language – what you probably will not often see in touristic places. Where there is much tourism the local folks mostly speak English but here it is different and it’s a pleasure to be a guest in Pelion

It is mentioned in Greek mythology as the summer residense of 12 Olympic gods.

The wedding of Fetida and Pelion took place on the top of the mount which is now called Pelion.

My favourite place of stay is the Agios Ioannis shore. The woody mountains stepping down to the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean sea are thrilling.

And it is understandable why the shooting of Mamma-Mia took place in Pelion. The time flows slow letting you enjoy every single moment.

Why should you visit Pelion?

Pelion – is a concenration of energy calming our mind. Human and nature live in harmony here, in the olive groves correct decisions are made and answers to many questions are found. The narrow Kentaur’s paths in the mountain woods lead you to numerous springs of clear and cold water.

Here in Pelion one can either have a vacation on the beach and in the mounts.I do love coming here over and over again!

I’m so in love with Pelion that I feel it is my second home. I’m happy to invite and share the experience of Pelion with other people. The experience of finest Pelion quisine, fresh mountain air combined with the sea breeze is unforgattable and can only be compared to unique way guests are treated here. That’s why every year starting from june I invite my friends, students and people I know to join me in the journey and yoga practice in the beautiful Pelion.
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