Katerina & Nik : Our Dream of Moving to Pelion

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January 28, 2018
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February 13, 2018

Katerina & Nik : Our Dream of Moving to Pelion


Our story begins over seven years ago in the UK. We realised we had a dream that we unknowingly shared, a dream that would further bond our future not only as man and woman but also as future business partners. We had both visited Greece many times in the past and of course Katerina was born there so naturally had travelled all over. We both had our favourite islands and places that we had visited, one place being a distinctive favourite and at the top of our list…A place that we would now classify as an undiscovered paradise – ‘Pelion’.
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Katerina & Nik :" A place we now call home and a place we have fallen in love with."

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The decision to change our lifestyle, set up a business abroad and take a big leap into the somewhat unknown was one which took a lot of careful planning and of course help from many dear friends and family. It was a decision that eventually led us to booking two one-way tickets, packing our bags, saying good bye to family, friends and work colleagues (and with this in mind a decent monthly pay-check may I add) and start our journey to a destination of paradise to start our future business together!

Many people had said how crazy we are to consider such a move, especially with having a baby and one more on the way. Also with Greece having a lot of financial difficulties and uncertainties…only a small percentage of people helped to give us the motivation and encouragement to keep going and push onwards. This was one of the biggest decisions and hardest things we have both done! We knew it would be tough and there would be many many risks. Having said that, we both agreed this was something we really wanted to do. This wasn’t just a new start but it was us pushing our boundaries and stepping out of the 9-5 norm. Remember a dream you are willing to risk so much for is a dream that should be truly followed.

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Our Mansion is something we are truly very proud of, located at the heart of Pelion in the wonderfully picturesque village of Portaria, with a fantastic view to the village of Makrinitsa. Only a few minutes walk from ‘the central square ‘Melina Merkouri’. It’s in an ideal location high up in the Mount Pelion Peninsula, famous throughout Greece for its outstanding natural beauty.Originally built in 1845, it is Portaria’s oldest Arhontiko and one of the most historic Guest Houses. With six rooms and two lounges, Pelion Mansion’s interior decor has been carefully designed and themed in line with traditional style and beautiful antiques but modernised with a subtle and stylish twist.
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Whether it is experiencing our unique hospitality, relaxing in our garden, tasting our home grown organic products, or enjoying the huge range of activities Pelion has to offer all year around. And we are here to make this experience truly memorable and enjoyable for you. You will definitely experience the true authentic Greek experience and culture staying with us in Pelion Mansion Hatziargiri. Our aim is to make our guests feel like they they can make themselves at home. If that’s wearing pyjamas and having a glass of wine by the fire, then so be it. We offer a warm and professional service in a beautiful and historic Arhontiko and it’s something a little out of the norm from staying in your average Hotel room.

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