Sara botond: “We were all sure that this was one of our best holiday ever”

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October 28, 2017
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Sara botond: “We were all sure that this was one of our best holiday ever”

Sara Doma From Budapest,Hungary

Sara botond: "We were all sure that this was one of our best holiday ever"

Details about my experience

Year: 2017

Season: Summer

Duration:12 days

I travelled with: Family

Places I visited

Destination: Olympus, Meteora - Kalambaka, Pelion - Volos

My experience was Level: Unbeleivable!

I stayed at: hotel

My travel style is: Activities/Adventure, Family

I did Activities: Hiking, Walking, Sea boat trip

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My story:

This was the first time, our family travelled to Greece for a holiday. After we spent 12 wonderful days at beautiful places, we were all sure that this was one of our best holiday ever. We visited a lot of places, so I would like to bring the best parts prominence. We spent one day at Meteora while we visited 3 monasteries: The Monastery of Great Meteoron, which is the largest one; The St. Barbara; and The Monastry of Varlaam.
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Walking up to these buildings was unbelievable, we couldn't imagine how was them built so high on the rocks. It is deffinitely worth to visit. An other day we went up to Olympos (not the top) which was a really exhaustive walking especially because  it was very hot that day. Even so we enjoyed it a lot, because nature is beautiful and the view from the rest-house was wonderful as well.
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At the end of our holiday, we went to the Half Island of Pelion for 4 days. Right after we arrived, we realized how amazing place we came. At the right side of the street, a long beach goes by while at the left side, a small village run along. We stayed at Boutique Hotel Kentrikon which was the best choice ever. People there were so kind and careful, our room was perfect and the breakfast was delicious.
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First day we went to a sea boat trip so we could visit other beaches where you cannot go by car. We found some beautiful empty beaches where we could be alone, jumping from rocks, swimming into a cave and enjoying natural beauties. It was a perfect day with a perfect dinner at the end. Lovely restaurants and tavernas are in the village, so we ate quite good food every day. This whole journey was amazing so we vowed that we will deffinitely come back some time.
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