Sheila Bucovati : “Pelion greatly surprised us with beautiful sea views, boat rides, beaches”

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July 4, 2017
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July 22, 2017

Sheila Bucovati : “Pelion greatly surprised us with beautiful sea views, boat rides, beaches”

This passed summer.....,

summer of 2017 we set off to Greece for the first time. Never been, but boy.... wish I was there right now!!! Two families, four kids total. A four year old, tweens and a teenager amongst all kids on board, you can just imagine the fun and all the excitement awaiting us. Of course all this driving trough Greece, not knowing where our next destination would be. 

Only by mistake did we stumble upon Pelion, driving through Volos, and looking for the Aegean Sea and a nice place for our next pit stop. Pelion being only 17 Km from Volos, and of course had found a room and board type hotel that would accommodate all of us, 8 that was, we were on our way to Pelion.  Once we’ve crossed the Pelion Mountain we found our way in Pelion and to our great surprise, finally found our way to Boutiqeu Hotel Kentrikon. 
IMG_1606 (Αντιγραφή)
The hospitable and inviting feeling you get from the first step you set in the hotel, the family atmosphere, the kindness of all staff and family running Kentrikon, the warm home feeling you get makes you just say ..... “I’m here to stay about a month”. 

Pelion is actually a large mountainous peninsula in Thessaly, scattered with only traditional villages, houses and exotic beaches with fine sand and crystal clear blue waters. From what we heard, Pelion  is not only a favorite family destination for summer vacations but also winter activities. From our experience we loved our summer here. Maybe next we’ll have to try a winter vacation! 
But Pelion greatly surprised us with beautiful sea views, boat rides, beaches were only two minutes away from our hotel, great local fresh sea food and other traditional foods.I can’t say enough of the staff at Kentrikon Hotel.

They had our breakfast made and served every single morning. So exceptionally good, fresh and so traditional!! They helped us plan our local activities with the kids. They suggested local restaurants where we should eat.
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