Patrice Calvez: “Forget the mass tourism of southern Greece, the destination is for people looking for authenticity”

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June 13, 2017
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Patrice Calvez: “Forget the mass tourism of southern Greece, the destination is for people looking for authenticity”

People looking for authenticity!

In early May, “Aux Fourneaux” went to Greece, for a blog trip, organized by the Tourist Office of Greece. This trip allowed me to discover the region of Mount Pelion located 350km north of Athens, Greece. Mythical destination, since Volos, the metropolis located at the foot of Mount Pelion, was the starting point of Jason during the expedition of the Argonauts to bring back the “golden fleece”.

The region enjoys huge benefits! Indeed, Mount Pelion, bordered by the sea, enjoys the mountains and the sea offering various activities: hiking, boating, horseback riding, mountain biking ... and skiing for the winter.

With its population, diversified activities close to nature, forget the mass tourism of southern Greece, the destination is for people looking for authenticity!
balcon-du-pelion-Markinitsa-mont-pelion-grece greek experience
Village-de-Makrinitsa-mont-pelion-grece greek experience
From a gastronomic point of view, we were not disappointed. Octopus, squid, sardine, sea urchin, lobster, as many Mediterranean flavors served in mezzes accompanied by Tsipouro (40 °, to consume with moderation of course)

I must admit that my first heart beating during this trip, was the fact that I was made wake up by the waves coming to the sand, facing my room ...
monastere-trikeri-island-grece-mont-pelion greek experience

Volos is the metropolis of the region located 350km north of Athens, one of the main ports of Greece.

You will find all the amenities of a city, hotels, traditional tsipouradika... A tispouradiko is a restaurant offering mezzes accompanied by Tsipouro, each “tsipouradiko” offers its tsipouro.

According to the history, the mayor, together with an association, rebuilt the boat used by Jason and the Argonauts during their expedition (Ancient Greece), using the materials and techniques of the time.

volos town yachts beach port greece greek experience

Pelion train

Operational since 1900, the Mount Pelion steam train (Moutzouris) was the first means of transport in the region for 26km.

It is today the most typical train of Greece, it allows to travel on Mount Pelion in the same "conditions" as at the beginning of the last century and to discover fabulous points of view.
Agios Loanis - Damouchari

A few km from Agios Ioannis, is the beach of Damouchari, natural harbor was used as filming scene of the film Mama Mia. Personally wearing natural made me think more of a location for Pirate Caribbean, an incredibly beautiful place!
The activities proposed on Mount Pelion

Hiking / Trekking on Mount Pelion in Greece

Mount Pélion offers many hiking trails linking the different villages of the mountain, offering magnificent panoramas (obligatory passage by Makrinitsa) mountain with sea views, a unique setting and an ideal destination for trekkers.

The hike is good, but to be carried by a horse to discover the region is much more pleasant. We had the chance to discover the IFOM equestrian center of Milies.

The equestrian center offers horseback riding to discover the region and for the most experienced riders, to go soak the hooves in the water of the sea!

Boat: Navigate the Pagasetic Gulf We rented a sailboat + Skippeur (thank you Christos) for a day to go to the island of Trikeri, from Volos. The trip lasts 2 hours, ideal to relax, but especially so exotic.
Gastronomy: Greek specialties

The Mezzes

The mezze is not a recipe, but more a mode of consumption. It is a suite of assorted prepared dishes. I love this way of eating, typically Mediterranean, making meals more convivial.

The Tsipouro

The Tsipouro is the local brandy (40 °) made from grapes, each traditional restaurant (Tsipouradiko) has its own Tsipouro and offers it as an accompaniment to the Mezzes. (To consume with moderation of course)


Prepare in different ways depending on the region.

Certainly the most famous Greek recipe and the easiest to make based on cucumber, tomatoes, olives, feta and olive oil. tzatziki

Served as an aperitif or as a seasoning of grilled meats, easy to cook: Greek yogurts, cucumber, garlic clove, mint or caches.

Feta cheese

Greek curd cheese.


Specialty of Mount Pelion, based on spicy sausages and peppers.


Say [horta], herbs cooked seasoned.


Eggplant and minced meat layered. Seasoned with a béchamel and baked.

Greek Pita bread

Traditional bread.

Greek yoghurt

Yogurt made from sheep's milk.

Transport: How to move to Pelion?

Below you will find the different modes of transport that we used.

Les Hirondelles: Mini bus service The swallows Holidays without Car cares Alexandros accompanied us / drove throughout the stay, very friendly and passionate about his region, he will lead you to good harbor with a smile and good mood!

Sail Aegean: Boat rental with Skyper

Sail Aegean 8 Elassonos Street Volos Phone: +30698964714 Email: Sail Aegean can rent a boat for the day from 250 € a day! They made us discover the Pagasetic golf to moor on the island of Trikeri Aegean Airlines: Paris / Athens Airline


I sincerely want to thank all the people, companies and associations that allowed me to discover this beautiful region: • The Hellenic Tourist Office: • The City Council of Vólos: • The Hotel Association of Magnesia: Thank you for this fantastic discovery! I also want to thank my pairs for the great atmosphere during this stay: Guillaume: Brice: Arielle:


And of course, thank you Demi! You want more information on this beautiful destination, do not hesitate to leave us your questions in comment, we will be delighted to answer them.
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