Ntragkon, Serbia : “Top 10 European beaches by foot”

Kristina From Essex ,UK: “A magical and amazing day”
June 11, 2017
Patrice Calvez: “Forget the mass tourism of southern Greece, the destination is for people looking for authenticity”
June 20, 2017

Ntragkon, Serbia : “Top 10 European beaches by foot”

Fakistra Beach Aerial Photo

Ntragkon, Serbia : "Top 10 European beaches by foot"


All those reporters can't be wrong when this pearl ranks among most beautiful beaches.

And not just once.

The first time I've seen Fakistra ranked in 2006. Beach was on the cover photo of the article "Peninsular paradise" and then, in 2009. cover photo for Top 10 European beaches by foot, in 2016, in just one week, on two lists "12 beaches with wow factor" (6th place) and "The 50 best beaches in the world" (7th place).

We don't know what made journalists of the Guardian and many other magazines and publications to pay such a lot of attention to this remote and hardly accessible piece of paradise but I know what drives us to share our impressions with you.

This is the kind of place to which it is hard to get and when you get there feel that every effort is paid back a hundredfold.
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