Ksenia : “Mountains and sea at the same time makes the air magical”

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June 13, 2017

Ksenia : “Mountains and sea at the same time makes the air magical”

"Mountains and sea at the same time makes the air magical"

If you want to know Greek exterior, I’d tell you to visit Athens or other pretty well-known cities. But if you are more interested in Greek heart, I’d definitely recommend you spending some time in Pelion, especially at Kentrikon boutique hotel.

Somehow those couple of weeks I spent there once, made me fall in love not only in that place, but also people and the whole atmosphere. So, I kept coming back there several times and still this is one of my favorite places in Greece.


First, the place itself: mountains and sea at the same time makes the air magical. Be sure to sleep tight and have the best dreams with soundtrack of Aegean waves. Moreover, it’s so beautiful and has different kinds of beaches – including amazing Damouhari Beach (the one from “Mama Mia” movie).

Secondly, the food..Won’t tell you much – as you should try once instead of reading about it. Fresh cheeses, organic fruits and vegetables, original receipts. It sounds like everywhere in Greece – but still it’s not the same: as the city is cozy and not that big, all the restaurants there are rich with home-made dishes with family secrets. So, again, you should taste it. Especially breakfasts at Kentrikon – I still remember them and swallow my saliva when watching pictures from then. Dear Leta makes it so yummy – that it’s hard to make breakfast finish before the launch time 😊

Despite being not that big, Pelion has everything there – you can find hiking, boats, swimming, bars and everything you like. But why you really should visit it is because of the people. So warm, welcoming and friendly! Truly the heart of Greece for me – after knowing them once, you’ll feel like the part of one family. The big Greek family.

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