Nikos Maggitsis: Teacher of Physical Education and Sports

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Nikos Maggitsis: Teacher of Physical Education and Sports

Nikos Maggitsis

Teacher of Physical Education and Sports

I was born in Volos in 1968 and still live in Agria, Pelion. I am a teacher of Physical Education and Sports with postgraduate studies (Sports – Health and Recreation) and have written a thesis at the highest altitude.

Since 1994 I have organized and conducted 50 mountaineering expeditions as well as sporting survival missions all over the world (mountain climbing, desert hiking, sea kayaking, etc.).

I have run 9 mountain ultra-marathons (up to 170 km) all over the world (Nepal, Croatia, Andorra, Morocco, Greece) as well as 8 mountain trail marathons. In March 2008 I was the first Greek to complete the “7 summits”, climbing to the highest peak in each of our planet’s continents, including Mt Everest at 8,848 meters on 17 May 2004. I am also the only Greek to heave reached both the South and the North Poles. Since 1994, I have accompanied Greek and foreign hikers and mountain climbers along the footpaths of Pelion and the whole of Greece.
nikos Magitsis Walking-climbing-trekking4
nikos Magitsis Walking-climbing-trekking
My experience, which permits me to invite you to visit our region, where, aside, of course, from its wonderful natural environment, you will experience the perfect harmony of mountain and sea along the walking and adventure trails. You will discover the history and mythology of Mt Pelion as you walk along the footpaths of the Centaurs. You will be able to try the wonderful and refined cuisine cooked by the female cooks of Pelion, as well as the warm local hospitality in the excellent accommodation available.
nikos Magitsis Walking-climbing-trekking3
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